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Ok guys...

I'm kicking around a summer special. For those in the tri-state area, I am looking into setting up a deal with one of my exhaust shops to do a group installation. He's QUITE familiar with the exhaust system and its unique installation and is picky about his work.

1) Choose whichever exhaust system you want. ( For example: Twin Tip Exhaust, Unpainted Dual Square Valance, 2.5" Dual Exhaust System $1109.99 INSTALLED (website price PLUS shipping cost)...and as usual $100 extra for painted valance.

2) Select one of the dates (To Be Determined) for the mass installation

3) Show up with your truck at the appointment time for that day (or en mass and we'll hang at the local diner...maybe BBQ??)

4) Drive home with your system installed. No clamps...all welded up front to back.

Anyone interested?:tiphat
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