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2008 Envoy - Gear Shift Stuck

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I have a 2008 envoy, I turned off the car and the key was caught in the ignition, went to turn it back on and the car was completely dead, no power to anything,
so I:

1. checked the battery and it was dead and so I replaced it, the car was energized as normal, I could start the car but the gear shifter was stuck (locked, including press button) in the park position, also when turning it off the key still wouldn't come out of the ignition.

2. I've attempted to rock the car to move it out of park, to no success

3. looked in the forums and saw that when you put your foot on the brakes you should hear two solenoid clicks, 1 near the brake and 1 near the centre console passenger side. I could hear the one on the passenger side, I could not hear the one in the front. I also happen to have a 2003 envoy and on that envoy just when you turn on the car and press the brake you hear 2 solenoid clicks. So there might be something going on there.

4. tried manually pressing the solenoid button that you can get at by pulling the plastic on the passenger side of the console and shoving your hand up there - no difference

5. changed the fuses referenced in this link:
fuses 25 and 27 so they arent the problem.

6. based on some other advice I've changed the ignition switch and that didn't solve the problem

So basically I'm stuck with a car that turns on, and once turned on the gear shift will not move out of park, when I turn the car off the key won't come out without pressing the release button that is inside the steering wheel column.

What would be the next things I could check? Is there any chance this has something to do with the car security system?
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check brake light fuse. sounds light the shift interlock isn't working. disconnect the shift lever at transmission and see if the gear selector will move. if it moves then its a trans problem.
My TB is stuck in park. Key does come out OK

I pulled the console today and found the ground wire on the connector for the shifter solenoid is broken.

Get a set of Torx drivers, a 7mm socket and a philips screwdriver set and take out the console. It took me 20 minutes

You can pull the solenoid out and leave it hooked up inside the console.
Be aware that you can start the truck w/o the brake pushed in

If the wires are OK and you still suspect the solenoid it's $65 on RockAuto.
I have one on the way i need to send back since I don't need it

EDIT: I just reread and noted #4. No idea other than to say if you pull out the solenoid and it still won't shift your issues are probably in the trans
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