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2007 Envoy OEM 6 cd changer Aux

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Hello All
Has anyone ever installed an add-on to use the AUX (Auxilary) function of the OEM Bose In-Dash 6 CD Changer 'Class II' GM radio?

I've heard of the AUXGMV3, has anyone used this?

Has anyone ever pulled out their dashboard to install other compoenents? If so is it easy? Is there a document somewhere outlining the steps?

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Hi Todd I am new around here and have a same thing in my mind about the best device to get an Ipod hooked up to a stock radio?
I haven't heard yet, but have done some other research.

It appears this module will work to provide a stereo input into the radio.

I'm also looking into re-using the existing XM radio antenna for my portable unit.

...I'm still looking for installation instructions show how to pull out the radio and where the connections go.
I had the USA-SPEC DF-GM installed, which yields (2) RCA inputs.

I have the stock 6-CD BOSE System with XM.

Gotcha: I could not use the "AUX" functionality, I access the device by going to XM1, then using SEEK. The device actually shows up as an external CD Changer. Disk 1 Track 1 is AUX1, Disk 1 Track 2 is AUX2.

I was also able to re-purpose my roof XM antenna:
The Envoy XM module is located right under the glove compartment.
  • Pull the panel under the glove compartment (2 hex screws), and you have direct access.
  • The Antenna connection is in a brown plastic connector. Disconnect the antenna from the XM unit
  • (Optional) Remove the Plastic connector. To do this, you will see a white clip, use an eyeglass flat screwdriver to remove it. After the white clip is removed, the standard SMB antenna connection will pull right out.

(If anyone needs pictures, let me know and I will post.)
(links are not commercials, just a reference, many sites carry these items, you just have to look around!)

My next project will be to add a cigarette lighter (or "auxiliary power", whatever they're calling it these days) that turns on and off with the truck.

Has anyone done this?
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