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GM originally listed the curb weight, with a full load of fuel and no passengers/cargo at 4750 lbs for the 4x4 models. Now that's the maximum curb weight fully equipped, the actual weight may be slightly less, but you should be safe using that number as a starting point. No 'stock' SWB Envoy/TB with the 4.2 should exceed that weight, if you've done any modifications that number may also differ.

Actually, come to think of it, doesn't the EPA sticker have this info? - YES, just ran out and checked. The EPA sticker has the GVW as equipped as well as the max payload weight. Mine is 5750 as equipped with a payload of 1067, for a vehicle curb weight of 4683 with a full tank of gas. Provided you haven't changed the suspension or added any weight to the vehicle (like your hitch, which would decrease the payload and add to the curb weight), those are the numbers to go by.

Keep in mind that the weight distribution isn't 50-50, my rear axle is rated around 500 lbs higher than the front, so don't simply divide the vehicle weight by 4 to determine the load ranged needed. You need to proportion the load over the axle when towing.
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