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So I bought a 2006 Trailblazer LS 4x4 with 167,000 miles. We have put 10,000 on it and really didn't have any major problems. It was mostly a grocery getting and would use it to tow a trailer.

So the other day we were towing the trailer and got stuck in mud. I never used the 4x4 system before and noticed that it would only come on in auto and not 4 hi or 4 low.

Later that night we are driving home without the trailer doing highway speeds when suddenly it sounded like I was dragging aluminum underneath in the back when BAM a loud thunk happened and I the truck slipped out of gear as I was revving, but not in going anywhere. I put it in park and looked underneath thinking I just popped my driveshaft off, but there was nothing, not even fluid. The truck went back into gear with the selector and we were driving normal again.

A few miles later the truck did the same exact thing and I we pulled to the side of the road. I worked the shift from park to first gear and did noticed some resistance because it wouldn't shift into first. I worked the shifter up and down a few times and it finally went back into gear and we drove home the rest of the way with no problems.

The truck as sat since then and there still isn't any fluid underneath it.

Is this a common thing that happens to Trailblazers and is there a fix that doesn't require me to take it to the shop?
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