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2006 gmc envoy_denali
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Ok, I know that there has been probably a thousand questions about noises in the front end of a TrailVoy, but I have one neither I nor my mechanic can find the answer to and I need help.

FYI - 2006 GMC Envoy Denali (5.3L V8) with 39,000 miles and relatively new (~2,000 miles) Michelin® LTX™ M/S tires

The noise or "chirp" sounds as if it is coming from the front passenger side of the vehicle and ONLY under the following conditions:

-Any speed, the noise is the same intensity and I cannot pinpoint a pattern
-A crosswind must occur across the passenger to driver side of the vehicle (this is key)
-When the brakes are applied, coasting, or accelerating.
-Turning or not
-When a crosswind is occurring the noise does sound suspension related, i.e. it occurs over bumps.

I have tried taking the passenger tire off of the vehicle and greasing (white lighting grease) everything under the sun. I have not replaced any parts, neither has my mechanic; however, he has twice greased the control arm bushings and his guess may be the shocks. I personally have tried greasing the hood latch, arms, and rubber bumpers.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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