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I’m going to explain what I did to get finished in less than an hour. It actually took me a little longer time wise but I had to crawl under the 2006 Denali about 10 times because I had to get things and tools to make the job easier.

8mm Socket (For Ignition Lead and Battery Terminal)

12mm or 1/2” Socket and Extensions (For Starter Bolts and Battery Lead on Starter)

15 mm Socket, Swivel and Extension (For Rear Steering Crossmember)

Ancra Soft Tie-Down

I jacked up the Denali by blocking both rear wheels and then lowering the two front tires onto 8” tall 12”x24” wood blocks.

1) First remove the battery terminals

2) I removed the Crossmember 10 Bolts 5 each side. Wrangled it out. That wasn’t too bad.


3) Removed Starter Bolts and pulled starter out of the bellhousing.

4) Removed the grey clips from wiring.

5) Removed Leads from the starter solenoid. I did this by orientating the snout of the starter up to make access easier.

6) I used the Ancra Tie-down hooked to the right front wheel and through the oval hole in the frame behind the wheel. I looped the Soft Hook around the Transmission cooler lines and pulled the tie down tight until I gained the amount of clearance I thought I would need. I had to pull a little tighter as I progressed.




7) I had seen a few videos on YouTube of people trying to remove the starter and in every instance the person tried to remove the starter Snout first. I chose a different path and removed it Snout End Last.

The reason I chose this way was because I figured it Would allow me to have more ability to maneuver the starter in the tight spaces. I also found orientating the Solenoid Forward gave me better maneuverability.


8) I removed the Solenoid Heat Shield.

9) I then started to position the starter for extraction. I started by orientating the snout towards the 12:30 position with the snout near the downturn of the exhaust manifold. In the photo above the starter is already out but it approximates the orientation of the removal. It takes a bit of finagling but you can figure it out. There is no extra room. It took a bit twisting and maneuvering and creating a larger gap by pulling the tiedown tighter.

10) Pulled the starter clear and it popped out. That took all of 30 minutes to do. I didn’t loosen any engine mount bolts or lift the engine at all.

Replacing the Starter

Is the reverse of removal. The only thing I messed up during the installation was I didn’t put the heat shield on soon enough and had to reach through an opening and accidentally installed it backwards the first time.

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