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Dropping a pan is not that big or a messy deal and you don't need longer bolts or nuts.

Just look at the angle depending on which way you jack it up or if it is level and take out the bolts on the side you want it to drain. It won't start leaking yet because all the others are tight.
Then get pan under the part that you want to drain where you have pulled the bolts. Note this should be the lowest or angled toward side..
Then start loosening the bolts each side going away from your drain area....the pan will start to drop on that end and fill the pan. Then when it slows down loosen some more.
When most or over half is gone you can hold it up and put one in each corner of where you first took them out and leave the opposite side corners in and take all the others out.
You now have 4 and it is level. Hold the bottom of pan or get assistance and take the last four out and take pan off nice and level.
This way you never have to really angle or dump it under car.
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