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2005 gmc envoy_sle
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Ive read several threads here and on other forums about the issue of the thin copper wires inside the fuse block getting hairline fractures causing all sorts of issues. Mine is related to my low beams going in and out at random times.

I have taken apart the fuse block down to the copper wires. I see no break in the wire related to my low beam relay so I have decided to get a new fuse block and replace it.

My question is related to fuse block part numbers. The sticker on the fuse block has two numbers with formats such as xxxxxxxx-x and xxxx-xxxx. When I image search xxxxxxxx-x number matching mine, i find many but almost all have a different xxxx-xxxx number associated with it. What is this second 4digit-4digit number? Some kind of code for a manufacture date, where it was made? I fear that if I buy a new fuse block which matches my xxxxxxxx-x number but has a different 4digit-4digit number I will run into an issue. Searching this 4digit-4digit number returns no results.


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