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2004 transmission in 2005?

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Some backstory:
Not to long ago, my 4x4 2004 envoy with 4.2 lost oil and started knocking. In search of a new car, I saw a person selling a 2005 envoy with also a 4.2 and 4x4 but with a bad transmission at a good price. I thought It would obviously fit since they are both envoy’s but with an internet search, people are saying that the 4l60e had an upgrade somewhere in 2005 that gave it a transmission module and an ISS sensor that the 2004 doesn’t have. I couldn’t find people specifically talking about the transmission change between those years in an envoy or trailblazer.

So my question is, could I put my 2004 transmission in a 2005 without it going to limp mode or having any other issue?
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