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2004 chevy trailblazer_ls
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Hey guys, I've been a member for a little while now, but never really posted anything about my own 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. Got it back in August and have been personalizing it since. I don't like my vehicle to look like an average one, I like it to stand out. Anyway here's a list of add-ons and things I've done do far:
-Roof Rack Removed
-GTS Smoked Headlights & Tail Light Covers
-Plasti-Dip applied to: Hood, Door sills, Grill, Wheels, Door Handles
-White LED strips behind Grill, Amber LED Turn Signals, White LED License Plate lights, Green LED Front Wheel-well lights (keep them off now because I got pulled over too many times...)
-Magnaflow Muffler part # 11266
-Painted several things in the interior with Black Plasti-Dip
-TV Headrests
-Pioneer aftermarket radio
-Blue LED dome lights, Blue LED strip above 12v plugins, Blue LED strip hidden under radio panel (makes a cool glow effect at night)
-Blue sound activated light bars

There's still a few things I would like to do like putting a Belltech lowering kit on to drop it 2" in the front and 3" inches in the back; just looks really awkward to me with that big gap in the wheel-well. New shocks and brakes would be nice too. I also have to finish Plasti-Dipping some things on the exterior and interior. I have plans to eventually get a K&N 57 or 77 series CAI, an AirRaid Throttle Body Spacer and to top it off a PCMForless tune.

And so I don't pile up this thread with a ton of images, i'll post just two here and paste a link to my Cardomain page so you guys can view the rest of the images over there.

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