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2004 chevy trailblazer_ls
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There used to be an approximate 2 minute headlight delay when turning off engine and taking out key after dark (whether staying in the vehicle or after closing the door upon getting out), but the headlight do not come on and hold for that approximate 2 minute delay Anya longer. It seems like I may have somehow inadvertently turned this headlight delay feature off or a relay and/or fuse is bad. I would really like to have this feature operation again.

Additional info:
The headlights and DRLs work normal in all other typical usages.
Interior dome lights stay on (whether staying in the vehicle or after closing the door upon getting out) for the standard 10-15 second delay.

Radio and dash lights stay on after removing key and not opening door for the standard 10 min delay. i.e. RAP seems to be working. Not 100% sure if this also mean the ambient light sensor is working as I'm sure if this is what is telling the dash lights to stay on for this standard 10 min delay or not.

My next step seems to be Ambient Light Sensor and/or Relay and/or fuse.
I have also tried pushing the interior dome light button 4 times - this seems to absolutely nothing at all for me (other than the dome lights going on-off-on-off) :)

All experience, advise or recommendation is appreciated at this point!

2004 TB LS 2WD i6
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