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I found the manual release switches.

If you are in the back of the vehicle, looking at the closed door, they will be on the right hand side. I am assuming you have taken off the back plastic cover and you are looking the inside of the backdoor. You can access these with the window down all the way.

There will be two small black plastic boxes along the inside to the right. They both have 2 small metal switches that you push up. They do not push up very easily. One is located in the upper middle of the door while the other is located way at the bottom.

I pushed on the top latch and the door opened a little. The bottom latch is very hard to access and to push up. After moving both latches, I had to do them both a second time in order for the door to open all the way. Wiggling the door a little seemed to help the latches move.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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