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2004 Envoy XLT DIC Inop. after cluster swap

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Hey guys,
I had my speedometer peg out on me while driving. I swapped out my instrument cluster through the GMC dealer. This fixed my original problem but my lower 4 buttons on the steering wheel no longer work. I informed the dealer, and they gave me a replacement. The replacement did not fix the in-op. DIC buttons. The instrument cluster indicates driver 2 when I start up the vehicle and then just displays the mileage. I paid $285 for the 'repaired' replacement cluster. The harness has no indication of chaffing and disconnecting the connector was not an issue. I would like to further troubleshoot this, but am at a loss of where to go from here. If anyone knows the pin/resistances or has access to the wiring diagrams/schematics, please throw me a bone.

TL,DR: DIC inop. after instrument cluster swap, additional swap did not fix. Please Help.

First post ever on any forum.
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additional info.

Pictures are from the instrument panel I have now. It should have the DIC. All 4 DIC buttons worked fine before the first swap. All four quit working at the same time.
P/N 15115883 appears to be the correct instrument cluster for an '04 Envoy w/DIC (U68).

If all of your other steering wheel controls (hvac, radio) and switch backlighting are working, there's no single wiring failure that would cause all of the DIC switches to stop working (all steering wheel controls share the same ground circuit, and each DIC switch has its own input to the cluster).

The service manual instructs the service tech. to refer to the Service Programming System (SPS) when installing a new cluster, so maybe there's something that needs to be programmed into the cluster to get the DIC to work. Make sure your dealer completed that step.

If you want to verify whether the switches are working, check for ground at the following cluster pins when each of the indicated switches is pressed:
Switch; Pin; Wire Color
Trip; A10; DK BLUE
Fuel; A8; YELLOW
Set/Reset; A11; ORANGE
Personalization; A9; DK GREEN/WHITE

Although the repair shop supposedly programed the cluster for my vehicle using my VIN, there are two different programs that can be installed. I took my envoy to the dealership and they reprogrammed the cluster and only charged me an additional $52.50. They may refund this fee. Thank you vball61. Your advice was spot on.
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