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2004 buick rainier
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Hello All,

I finally broke down and made time to replace the most recent of issues with my Rainier - the EBCM module. (I already checked and fixed the ground, etc.)

I ordered the replacement from Amazon - being sure to make sure it was a "fit" according to their system - and received a shinny new part a few days later. Yesterday, disconnected the battery, I put the truck up on jacks, and crawled under to remove the OEM module. - What I bought = h..p://

After fighting it for a few minutes, I finally got all the screws out and plugs off, and was ready o install the new one. However, upon inspecting the new unit, the location of the "3rd plug" is different than the original module. - Side-by side = h..p://

Checked online, an everything seems to point to this new module being the correct replacement for the OEM component, but unless I'm missing something, there is no way to install this module with the location of the 3rd plug.

Other sites list this replacement as being compatible with a 2004 2WD, 5.3L Buick Rainier, but I'm not seeing it.

Any thoughts?
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