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2004 buick rainier
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One day I noticed that the air compressor would run much more frequently than usual and I could hear it kick in while just sitting in the garage. Shortly after noticing that, I went to start the truck up and the battery was completely dead!

After getting the battery recharged, I took it to both a small town mechanic as well as GM dealership service department and they both have told me that because the compressor ran so much, that it must have drained the battery. Neither noticed any leaks and have said that the compressor needs to be replaced before they could find out if something else was wrong too.

That doesn't seem like such a big deal except for the fact that I was told it was going to cost $1200 to replace! :eek: And that didn't even guarantee that it wasn't something else like the sensor, telling it that it wasn't lifted all the way up!

It was suggested by the service guy at the dealership that an easy (and much cheaper) "work around" would be to let the compressor lift the vehicle up and then just pull out the fuse so it wouldn't keep running. The fuse option seems to work for a little while and then the vehicle eventually loses air and lowers so I have to plug the fuse back in, let it lift up, and then pull the fuse out again.

From what I'm reading here, it seems like it should be a lot cheaper than $1200 to replace! Am I missing something?

Please help!

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