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So here is the deal,

I have a 2003 Trailblazer, 4.2 L I6, and earlier this week I went out to start it and nothing. Just put a brand new battery in and the lights come on and do not dim when I turn the key so I know it is not a bad battery. I troubleshoot and decide it could be the ignition switch, so I go ahead and put a new one in (it's one about $40, so I'll try it). That does not solve the problem either. I troubleshoot some more and decide to go ahead and remove the starter to have it tested (although I am almost certain it is not the problem). After having it tested, it comes back passing so I go home and put it back in. Just for kicks I give the ignition a try, and BOOM! it starts. It continues to start repeatedly and almost consistently. A couple times the starter began to turnover then died, next try it starts. I have noticed that if I shut the driver door before starting the engine it is less likely to start (not sure if this is coincidental or if it links to the problem).

I have an aftermarket remote start installed but have been using that for a few months with no issues so I do not believe that is causing any problems (although, after disconnecting the battery and removing/re-installing the starter it is not working, I believe the passlock bypass needs reset).

My question is do any of you wonderful readers have any ideas? Could I possibly have a wiring issue? Could the starter have some bad-spots and removing/re-installing jostled things enough to get some work out of it? Any other ideas?

Thank you in advance for your ideas and help!
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