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2003 chevy trailblazer_ltz
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Hey everybody first time post.
I currently have a 2003 trailblazer ltz it has 212,000 miles and still running strong. Keep up on maintenance. Any ways i recently took it into my local dealer and they said that the upper and lower ball joints bad-both sides- front $1140.00
front shocks bad $381.00
front control arm bushings bad $665.00
Total would be almost what the car is worth. The only thing i notice however when im driving that it feels like my car is lifted because of how rough it rides. I do have new Michelin LTX tires only about 5k miles driven on it. Im just wondering if it would be worth getting it fixed or should i just keep driving on it and wait on it to break. I love my trailblazer i just know that sometime it will die i just don't know when.
I would love everybody feedback on what i should do.
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