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Ok I need your help again. Something is blowing my fuse that connects to the shifter button on my shifter. When I drive and go into park, the button gets stuck. I change out the fuse (#27 I think or #25) which is a 20amp fuse and she works again. Could this be the solenoid going out? I took out the 20 amp fuse for the horn and used it just fine. Checked to see if I could press the button and it worked. Put it back in park went to leave and it blew again. So used the Wiiper Fluid fuse (I think), backed up, went to drive and then left with no problem. Drove home (about 10 miles) pulled in the garage and checked and sure enough, button will not press in. So something is blowing this fuse. I need some direction and possible cost to fix.

Also I can turn her on and off and take the keys. I did have the shift cable replaced about 6 months ago. I have had the water pump replaced the last 3 weeks, radiator replaced 3 weeks and catalytic converter replaced just a few days ago.
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