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2003 chevy trailblazer_lt
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I have a 2003 TB LT \BOSE radio i wanted to put the gm factory nav unit in it
i guy was selling a 15204335 with gps ant as is he had no way to check it
it got it for 60 dollars i needed the gps ant anyway so i took a shot i put in in
then took the radio fuse out and put back in and everything worked just need to get new buttons these are worn pretty good had my gm dealer reprogram
the vin the the radio all is good
i would like to thank everyone on TRAILVOY.COM
all the info i need to do this was on the forum thaks to all
even the gm dealer said it will not work i told him about all the info
i got on trailvoy and to just do it it will work he was impressed
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