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2003 Envoy SLE
V6 engine

It needs
1. Control arm assembly (front right lower), including the bushing
2. Ball joint assembly (lower)
3. Tie rod end (front right outer)

The mechanic shop I went to wants to charge me nearly $1100 for this, parts and labor, and BEFORE taxes/fees applied. Needless to say I won't be going with them. So I want to buy these parts online and have a mobile mechanic like your come out and do it since they let you use your own parts.

But I need a good place to get all of these things. Does anybody know of any kit that includes control arms, bushings, tie rods, and ball joints all-in-one? Or do I have to buy them separately? I've been looking on Amazon and AutoZone but not really sure what to look for and most products don't have any customer ratings.
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