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2003 olds bravada
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I have a 2003 Olds Bravada and I think I need to change the tie rods. I see there is a great post on how to do it on a trailblazer. My question is are a bravada and trailblazer the same. If so do you need to change the inner tie rod or just the outers. I believe this to be the problem I have a really bad shake side to side inthe steering wheel when I hit bumps. Can also hear a rattle and pop at the same time. I have already done upper lower ball joints, front and rear stabilizer links. Any help would be appreciated.

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2004 gmc
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Those suspension parts are identical across all models. The looseness is almost always the outer tie rod ends. If you supported it by the frame, and watched while somebody else wiggled the tires, you could see it clearly.

I recommend diagnosing things by observation - just look at the offending part and see if it's doing its job. Not by road feel and noises. That's only one step above guessing.

You might have deteriorating control arm bushings. Not too likely, but it's possible. As soon as you change the tie rod ends you have to hustle in for an alignment, and if you have something else loose, the professionals will tell you. Just don't let them lie and say you have "cracked brake pads" or something like my *former* alignment shop tried to pull on me as a revenue-enhancement trick.
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