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2002 TB EXT LTZ 182,500miles 277oil life CODE P0014

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Got car used from Jake Sweeney back in July. Car makes whining noise maybe belt issue. 182,500 miles on car. 4.2 v6. 27 percent oil life. Just got a Hum from Verizon (kinda like onstar) put reader in the OD spot. Popped up code P0014. And for first time SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON. Car starts (well minus recently with cold temps and battery draining) idles a little rough not too bad. Car does feel like engine isnt enough power to move it well so kinda sluggish. Took to Auto Zone who hooked their scanner up got same code. SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT NOT ON CURRENTLY. Only on a day or two.

Advise. ????

2002 Chevy Trailblazer EXT LTZ 4.2 4X4
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P0014 usually indicates that the CPAS (Camshaft Position Actuator Solenoid) has gone bad or is clogged with sludge. This device can also leak oil into its electrical connector and cause a poor connection.
So replace that sensor?
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