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2002 olds bravada
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Hi -- Ralph here -- stock Bravada AWD 130kmiles xcellent ---issues have been a few
1--AWD transfer case encoder motor locked up replaced (twice so far)
2--memory mirrors and backup settings went haywire and GM attempts to fix failed 5-times under warranty... they wore me down and it's still a nuisance, (even tho set to OFF they move to some worthless default setting at every startup).
3--repaired outside/ambient temp indicator -- recently located sensor and replaced the $5 part-- success
4--unsolved periodic strange clickety-clack noises in climate control temp changes (cc still works)
4--excellent tire mileage. about 90k stock Michelins ; 40 so far on replacement Yokohama -- keep tire press at 36+-1 adds 1000s -- my opinion/experience
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