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So I am a noob and posted this in GM news before seeing this section after scrolling further down. Sorry sorry sorry, I feel shame. Do I need to delete the other post? In any event, here it was....

looking to nab an '09 trailblazer and came across this site looking for info, anyone have any ideas/predictions on what chevy's president's day sale will shape up like? also, i know that the ext models are no more (which is fine, don't want or need it) but has the 5.3 v8 been cut as well?

the 08's are all but gone (trust me i looked everywhere, a lotta 2wd in florida and the sw, very very few ugly two tones or out of my range ss in the midwest) so it should be interesting to see what happens with the financing side. obviously the traverse will be pushed hard, gotta wonder what the trailblazer package will look like with loyalty, financing, gm card, etc.

also, if anyone has any good links to other sites for a newb on gm financing, number of tb's sold so far, number on hand, etc i would love to check them out. until then i'll keep playing with google, great resource here though.

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