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2008 chevy trailblazer_lt
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So I don't normally login into this forum often just because I can normally find an answer to my problem via google/forum search.
I have a 2008 LT Trailblazer, I've had it since 2010
The vehicle has 325,000 miles and has been my daily/beater for sometime.
I parked the vehicle away early last year due to Covid and my job becoming remote. I have newer truck that we used basically every day, so she sat on the backburner.

So she stood parked for months on end
Some time ago I attempted to start it up and get it moving, in my initial shifts through the gears, reversing, forwarding in my driveway, the car became stuck on reverse. I was concerned, but not too much, since we had another vehicle to get around, I placed a brick or two behind the wheels and managed to get the key out. Left it alone for sometime

I recently have needed to start using the beater again, and started trying to diagnose the issue.

I took apart the center console, thinking it was the shift solenoid or something to do with the brake/fuses after watching the first set of youtube videos. Then I got under the vehicle.

I found the first issue:
-The bushing between the shifter linkage cable/transmission lever was brittle and broken
-I bought the bushing kit on amazon and followed the directions provided on Youtube, I never did hear a "snap" or "click" once the shifter linkage cable end was placed back on to the bushing. I must of banged up the bushing enough that it wouldn't hold the shifter linkage cable assembly. So I was back to square one.

Plan B
-I watched a handful of youtube videos/read some threads and opted that maybe my shifter cable was bad
-I bought a whole new shifter linkage cable assembly and took apart the old one after watching a video or two.
-Upon my first attempt at swapping out the shifter linkage cable, I struggled with connecting the assembly to the transmission lever
-in my struggles of yanking the wire, being unable to hook up the shifter cable to the transmission lever because I was short a quarter of an inch. I snapped the dam cable.

Plan C
-I watched more videos, 2-3 times over and over again to see how they were placing the assembly, how it was being installed (with the clip to plastic assembly between shifter linkage cable/transmission lever facing up towards the undercarriage). Does the holding pin have any direct function other than holding the linkage cable?
-I ordered a 2nd shifter cable
-I get it in, this time around it goes pretty smoothly, but I run into an issue, the plastic clip that holds the linkage to the shifter on the inner console, is slightly off, and seems to slip out if I shift the vehicle all the way down to 1.
-I am not able to get it to shift into park, I can go through all the gears although (Reverse and Neutral) seem to be one and the same with just a little finessing of the shifter. I can place the car in park manually by going underneath and moving the lever forward. But once I get everything back aligned and on, and crank the truck, I can again go through the gears, but Park is no longer possible to shift into.
-Now my keys won't come out of the ignition, I checked all fuses regarding ignition and all is good
-Currently I disconnected the battery

My questions are:

Did I possibly stretch the linkage cable ? Hence why its not catching/setting in Park?

How is the linkage cable suppose to be installed? (where do I start?)
-From the transmission lever (underneath the vehicle) placed in Park and up through into the center console (in which the lever is set in the Park position?)
-From the center console shifter, down into underneath the truck?

Should I place the pin in once I set the linkage assembly on the transmission lever? Or is that something I do once I have it all set in place and have gone through the gears?

The tab on the linkage cable that slides into the front part of the center console, has to sit flush with the notch there correct? Is it suppose to snap/click in? Should the linkage cable pop out of place when going through the gears?

Is there anything maybe I'm not seeing or caught regarding the videos Ive watched?

Any wisdom and advice from this group would be greatly appreciated.

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Correct cable length is the key to correct operation. Something's changed and it's likely one of the holding brackets - not the cable.

Now --- as to the clip not holding - the eye of the shifter may now be rounded-out and it won't hold the plastic lock.

You've got to measure everything and find out what moved/was bent/is broken.
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