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When returning to the truck in a store parking lot, I went to unlock the TB with the key fob and the horn went “constant on.” Not a cycling like if the emergency button was pressed. Grabbed my fob, and then the Wife’s who was with me, trying to hit every button I could think of, with everyone in the NW USA starting at me, then turned on the TB to see if that would trigger it off, to no avail. Ended up disconnecting the connector on the horn itself. Cutting my hand in the process... good thing there is no pandemic going on right now... oh, wait!

When we got home I did normal troubleshooting, swapped fuses and relays, constant power is coming to the fuse box. I then popped off the center of the steering wheel to check the horn contacts with a VOM, verified the horn switch was functioning as appropriate. Looked for any documentation I could find regarding the security system and how it interfaces, but got nowhere. Only thing I could find related to standard horn functions.

has anyone else run against this? Any pointers? I’ve thought of pulling the battery to reset the computers, but wanted more input prior to, in case it would be worth trying to pull a code, etc. only real modification I’ve done is aftermarket radio, nothing fancy.

thanks in advance!

- Scott
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