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07 Trailblazer Emblem Replacement

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I have the non-sport grille on my '07 Trailblazer and was looking to purchase this emblem:

listed for this particular part it says its for 2008-2010 but seems as if it SHOULD fit my 2007, am I right??!

Also, does anyone have any links to a tutorial on how to remove the emblem to this particular grille? I got the grille off and was trying to figure out how to remove it but I got stuck behind several clips that seemed impossible to take off.

thank you in advance!
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I'm having no luck myself finding a replacement emblem for my 06' LT. Does anyone know where to find a billet emblem that replaces the whole emblem set up gold and silver piece?

I ordered one through Amazon but it doesn't fit my grille style.
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