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2006 gmc envoy_denali
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Problem 1st then story.
When I am driving down the road, I turn the wheel from side to side and the truck just floats like I have 4 flat tires! I know the front drivers' side wheel bearing needs to be replaced (and that's probably part of the problem) but I know there's more to it.. When I jack the truck up on my scissor lift to check the tires, both sides have a little bit of play. Usually this would be associated with a bad bearing/hub but when I rotate the wheels, there is no resistance or noise at all. Any input as to what this could be would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

That being said, this is my first time posting on this site. I have owned my Denali for about a year and a half now and despite all the problems, I love this fricken truck! I have added some minor things to it and definitely going to do a lot more. Normally I wouldn't put money into a vehicle that has 140k on it but my engine just blew and insurance put a new one in with a 100k mile warranty so I figured 'ahh what the hell' right?!

I look forward to chatting with a lot of you about your rides and can't wait to see all the cool **** done to them! Thank you again to everyone that took the time to read my thread and to everyone that provides their opinion!

-Kyle (Minnesota, United States)
2006 GMC Envoy Denali Black
5.3L Vortec V8 OHV
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