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hey all - thanks in advance. Just changed fuel pump and I'm still getting a P0455 code and can smell gasoline. I'm getting more of a weeping spot under the truck when I park it, than a wet puddle. Almost like the leak is venting vapor than a full out leak. Anyway, just pulled the tank again and I believe the issue is the o-ring for the return line. It is different than the one that came off the original pump (which was like a multi-tiered thing that wouldn't come off without destroying it) and seems too large to seat correctly. At least that is what I think right now. The moisture is coming from the top of the pump and running into the little catch areas. I'm about to go find a small o-ring for the return line.

But I also noticed that the o-ring that seats at the top of the opening prevents the pump from snugging all the way down to the tank (photo attached). Is this correct? It does not appear to be crimped in any spot and is the same view all 360 degrees. The lock ring attaches as it should (unless I have it on upside down), but I am not seeing any way to compress that big green o-ring down any more than it is. Should that green be showing all the way around like that? I didn't notice it that way on the original and didn't want to use the old piece. Thanks


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Two sentences - no help.

Do you know if the fuel pump is seated properly or not? It's ok if you don't know, you're still way better than anyone.
That's the way I fly --- you like ignorance? Good for you. Support those things in which you are competent.
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