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06+ Chrome side molding where else? FenderWorld Order Canceled

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Man yet again another order gets canceled!

any quick ideas where I can snag the thin 06+ Chrome side molding from?
besides dealer?
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Yeah I tried them, I think 4 or 5 results come up but there are no descriptions or pictures or vehicle specifics. I guess I will have to directly contact them to check.

I see some here but am unsure if it is the correct stuff since it says trailblazer 07 and 08
I would guess it is correct, except for the fact it says it is 3.5inches and I am pretty sure the factory 06+ strip isnt wider than 2inches.

Hrmm! Actually I think I found it there! still lacking good descripts! thanks.
blah part4chevy is like parts at 500% markup!

I found this place that has make your own Chrome side molding for normal prices.

I much rather pay $80 for 18ft of chrome side molding instead of $80 per door.... $400 for side molding is pretty pathetic!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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