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2005 saab 9_7x
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Curious power steering problem with a 05 Saab 9-7x which happened to spring a power steering leak on the high pressure side due to the lines rusting out most likely due to the rubber gasket that holds the low and high pressure lines on the drivers side shock tower mount.

I cut the line and used 3/8 compression fittings and brake line then filled the original pump up with fluid but when I went to go test drive, the steering rack was not under power and heavy to turn. However when the car was idling before getting out on the road the wheel turned with ease and with power.

I decided that the pump was most likely dead as it was the original with 120k on it and being run down with no fluid it may have burnt out so I ordered a new one and swapped the old one out, filled with fluid, got the air out of the system, wheel turned ok when stationary but again once on the road, the wheel was without power and a tough to turn but when I got back from the test drive the wheel still remained heavy.

I'm stumped as to what else could be causing the heavy steering as I bled the system out completely, the power steering pump and cooler are brand new unless there is some bit of debris floating around inside blocking up the system due to the rust of the lines. The internal screen on the low side of the pump looks like it's only for semi-solid debris not fine particulate and I don't see anything in the reservoir.

Did these models have electronic sensors on the power steering racks by chance, I couldn't find anything on the rack itself to indicate as such.

If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas to share please do, my next step is to look at removing the rack. :bonk:
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