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2005 gmc envoy_slt
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Hi all! New here but have read the forum for a number of different helpful suggestions, so thank you.

I am currently having an issue with my 05 Envoy SLT passenger window. First, the window would only work sometimes. Then it quit all together. I moved the driver side switch module (DDM) to the passenger side and it functioned as it should. I bought a new passenger door module (PDM) and installed. This one did not work at all. Upon reading through other threads in this forum I found out that it may need to be programmed. I took it to the dealer and they said the issue is with the DDM and they could not program the new PDM. So, I bought a used DDM and installed but still the passenger side won't roll (with the either PDM) (all other functions work). I have 12V at the PDM and I know its not the motor because the DDM works on the passenger side. I saw no damaged wires between the door and vehicle (hinge area) on either side.

Any help is appreciated as I now have 2 DDM and 2 PDM that don't work in any combination.

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