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I have an 05 Envoy fully loaded. The truck came with 2 remotes when i bought it (used). The back of the remotes say 1 and 2. When i unlock the truck with remote one, i have to manually get into the vehicle and press the number one button on the door, then my seat moves to my position, everything is good.

My wife has remote 2, she unlocks the truck with the fob, gets in and button number two on the door does nothing (no beep) and it will not allow me to program it. If she pushes button 1 it jumps to my settings.

How come button number 1 works for both of our remotes, and button number 2 does nothing.
Is it possible that the remotes can both be programmed as #1 even tho the backs of the remotes say 1 and 2?

I know on the 05 they dropped the seats moving with the remote and there is alot less function on the DIC, but i cant do anything with remote 2.

Will an 05 envoy keep seperate radio stations, mirror settings, and other DIC functions per remote number?

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