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I have an 2004 TB. The other day it started running really rough and "sputtering", especially in park while it's idling.

The SES light was on but the only code was regarding the thermostat (stuck open). I was waiting to do this until it warms up a bit as I live in Michigan and don't have a garage -- it's a very cold repair! Since it wasn't causing problems (still had plenty of warm heat, and enginge temperature was fine) I felt it was fine for now.

The day after it started running rough the SES light started blinking. I stopped by an AutoZone and had them pull the codes for me again. This time I had two codes:

The first one was a misfire in cylinder 6 (p306 I believe?). The second one indicated that the cam and crank sensor were not aligned. I don't have the code becuase I was supposed to drop it off at my local mecanic this morning and he decided he wasn't able to work on it. He has the paperwork with the code on it.

My mechanic was going to replace the cam and crank sensors. I was wondering if there was anything special that I needed to do or any special tools that were needed to do this. It looks like a rather simple job and something I could do rather quickly. Since it's going to be a warm day here (looking to hit 30F) I thought I might try and give it a shot.

Do I have to replace both sensors at the same time or can I do one today and one tomorrow (if necessary?)?

On a side note -- I have since replaced the air filter, got an oil changed, and ran a full tank with injector cleaner in it.

Thanks for any information!
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