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2004 chevy trailblazer_lt
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I have an 04 TB LT, and for awhile now the Airbag and ABS light have been coming on. They always go on and go off together. Sometimes it does it and other times it doesn't. They've both been on now for a few days. I was driving home in 4x4 Hi because of the bad snowy road conditions and things were fine until one of the final 90 degree right turns from a stop sign and I got a terrible grinding noise from it seemed like the front right tire. It was almost like it didn't want to turn either. Any other turn I made like that was fine, but I turned it to AWD after that and it was fine. Maybe that was connected to the ABS light being on?

Anyone heard of this before? I find it strange that the ABS light would come on at the same time as the Airbag light.

Thanks for any help!
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