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This is a new to me 04 trailblazer i6. Mileage is 134000 and the transmission is supposedly at 60k. Purchased it a couple of months ago and it has more or less ran fine with the exception of some of the common HVAC gremlins and it even performed great towing my 2200# popup trailer a couple hours out for a camping trip in August. No performance issues noticed until the issue cropped up.

The Issue:
About a minute after performing a spirited pull from stop to highway speed the vehicle seemed to have shifted into and stuck in neutral. I was able to limp it off of the highway by putting it into 4hi and got it into a parking lot. After being towed it would not move in 4hi or 2 hi. I saw a post where a user had tracked the neutral issue down to a clogged transmission filter so I replaced that and viola! It shifts now. Sort of. It will come out of neutral and go into reverse which seems to operate normally however in 1,3,D it will only get to a couple of miles in hour, as in 2-5MPH before all power is gone and revs just = noise. 2nd gear seems to operate just fine and the engine sounds normal.

I am thinking that this is a problem with the shift solenoids and would like to see what everyone's opinion is on this before I commit to dropping the transmission pan again. The fluid was fairly dark with just a faint pink hue when I replaced the filter. I also have a code for the encoder motor that pops up in 4wd however I don't think that would have anything to do with this.

Let me know what you think!

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