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2004 buick rainier
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Hello everyone i am new to this forum and will soon be a new owner of an 04 rainier.

I now own a lexus rx300 but am trading it in at 192k. ive used clublexus forums for diy repairs and was succesfull so hopefully ill have same luck here.

I am still debating wether or not to go through with the trade in. its an 04 rainier has 161k and only thing i have noticed it needs is tires and brakes.

I do not know much about them except what ive read. also while test driving i heard a weird noise passenger side towards engine. is like a ticking exhaustish noise. kind of sounds like the exhaust of a hot rod you know. only when in drive and giving it gas does the sound become distinct. tried to hear it at idle could not.

soo ive came to the conclusion that it is a cracked exhaust manifold. im buying the car for 7k out the door. the dealer is putting new brakes and tires but said its a tight deal and cant fix the cracked manifold if thats what it is.

Now rock auto has part for 120 and labor book says 2.5 hrs. should i risk buying this suv with cracked manifold or move on.

does anybody have a DIY for exhaust manifold replacement

any advice or help wojld be greatly appreciated
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