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2004 buick rainier
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Greetings fellow members!! Just picked up 2004 Buick Rainier CXL 4X2. 133K The original plan was a kind of project car but overall this vehicle was pretty well looked after by previous owners. The grey interior wasn't my first choice of colors but the overall condition both cosmetically and mechanically made it a winner. Price was on the upper end of the KBB Range but for mileage, equipment and condition I am good. The inside joke was I got a beater last year to keep the mileage down on my new Taurus but led to the Volvo getting in such decent condition that I needed a beater to keep the wear/tear down my beater. Fast forward a year and now I have the Rainier.

Only major casualty so far was the grille I broke one of the grille shutters when pulling the clip for R/R the drivers headlight. I pulled and lost my footing. Broke one of the center supports but no sense crying over spilled milk now. Decided that even thought it was the drivers headlight I upgraded both to the Sylvania Super Ultra. $51.99 at AutoZone but a $10 A/Z gift card puts them at $41.99 which is only $2.00 more than the next level down. I apparently also have the Windshield washer reservoir leak but with 30 degrees and wind for the next day or two I will investigate when it warms up again.

Tires, oil Change, and even some of the major high mile services like Transmission filter/fluid, Differential service, have been complied with fairly recently. I wouldn't be wrong with a aftermarket Kenwood with back up camera and XM radio but not immediately critical.

I will do my normal basic tune up R/R items when weather gets warmer again....Air, Fuel filters, spark plugs etc..

Again good to be aboard and hope to get constructive feedback to keep this Rainier a 200 or even 300K+ vehicle.
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