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03 Trailblazer 4.2 Sluggish Acceleration

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Hello! New here... Just got an 03 Trailblazer 4.2 with 212k miles on it with some sluggish acceleration. I need to replace the VVT solenoid (have it being delivered tomorrow) but I am not sure if that will still fix the issue. If I do replace the solenoid and its still sluggish, what are other issues that can cause this issue? Ive seen reports of like a clogged Cat Conv but I think it may be transmission related (such as the torque converter) because it has a hard time with hills and then also it has an issue changing gears... Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!
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Yeah I already priced the ignition coil from Rock Auto... will order it tomorrow after work... Also Ravalli, Its kind of hard to trust the advise from someone who suggested to drill a hole in my muffler/cat converter...
I am no fan of Ravalli's "make a joke of everything" attitude, to the point I hate reading his responses. But I do because once you get past his attempts at humor when most need advice, not jokes, his advice is 99.9% spot on.
Superchrged111 is the ONLY person on these forums who advocates a full trans. flush. The ONLY one.
Take that as you will.
I am on other forums where I'm not the only one advocating for full flushes on 4L60Es, there's nothing special about the ones they put into Trailblazers. Have fun being a hack if you think it's cool to keep 20 year old fluid in your transmission. Does that logic work for the engine? Brakes? Cooling system? Power steering system? Axles? Transfer case? Or does old, nasty fluid cause issues there too? Or do you just ignore it?
Logic also includes real world experience. I used to be like you. Ignoring other people's practical experience just to fit my own narrative. I lost a lot of races because of that. Sometimes, right just doesn't make sense, but it doesn't make it less right.
Please stop arguing over the flush guys, its not helpful here :(
I apologize for my part, but you want advice. That was my opinion, about the advisors here.
There was a recall on some Envoy's, TB's likely also, for a plastic part in the fuel filling system, that may crack and allow it to act like a bad fuel cap. Just a thought . . .
Not a good idea to have the transmission flushed on any older transmission…unless u bought the vehicle new and have it done at every recommended maintenance schedule in the owners manual, having it flushed could actually cause it to completely malfunction and need rebuilt ….however, I’ve made it common practice to change the transmission filter and gasket and fresh fluid when I buy a vehicle…my trailblazer was a bit sluggish and shifted hard when I first got it..the previous owners never changed the oil it seemed or did any maintaining in it…it helped a lot…

also, with this engine and vvt set up, the owners manual even states to use full synthetic 5w/30 oil …u will want to keep it changed and clean as possible cuz it will damage the screens in the vvt and u will lose power that way as well…they’re very fine screens that oil is pushed through to engage the second cam to get the speed andhorse power…that’s how they get both hp and higher torque out of these suvs…kind of interesting really …one of the two things I love about my trailblazer that’s kept me from junking it lol…the other thing being the turning radius…compare the front steering knuckle of a trailblazer to any other type of pickup or suv…it’s really interesting to see ….
Turning radius is fine in 2wd. 4wd it has a terrible bind when turned sharply.
Of course. The transfer case isn't allowing for the difference in turning radius between front and rear wheels.

TOTALLY normal.

Some "AWD" transfer cases have a viscous coupling that allows it to act as a front/rear differential...but that limits how much torque can be directed to the front unless there's some method to lock it up like a 4WD.
I guess this is what I get for trying to shorten up my comments. I understand it. I was just making a remark to the turning circle reference.😊
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