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2002 chevy trailblazer_ltz
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2001 Tralblazer LTZ Blown Engine...

I bought a brand new LTZ made in 2001 and was told there was a problem with the cylinders so if the engine failed before 100000 miles, GM would replace it free. The newer ones came with cylinder sleeves to prevent the engine from breaking down (which mine did not have). The SUV was maintained imeccably with regular service done before the suggested time. As it turned 103,000 miles, the engine blew while accelerating on the freeway; could see a hole through the entire block! The GM warranty wasn't honored as I was over the allotted miles dispite being well cared for. Knowing the SUV was in great shape, I opted for a new motor as it was less costly than chancing getting a new vehicle. It cost $8,000 but got a rebuilt motor from an '05 Trailblazer which was much less than the cost of a new car. I now have 135,000 miles on it an all seems to be working well (except for the door returns which are clicking and will be the next repair along with front struts and rear springs). This will hopefully last me another 10 years.
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