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  1. TrailBlazer / Envoy Chat
    Hello all, i have a 3" Front and 2" rear lift. I added Tahoe springs and shocks last night. The Tahoe spring was about 1.25" taller than Envoy stock. The shocks were the same compressed and uncompressed lengths. I had to remove my rear 2" spacer as the height added by the new springs...
  2. Suspension
    So I am understanding that I can gain some ride height and stiffness to the rear with the Z71 springs. My question is, how much lift is needed to bring the front up enough to look right, not necessarily level... I tow a lot and am ready to do some updating to my 'voy Thanks for the input! Eric
  3. Off-Road
    Rear z71 springs, 3" susp lift...what size shocks?:undecided
  4. Rims
    I know I would need adapters and lift, but would these rims stick out too far?:undecided Anyone have these mounted on a TrailVoy? Thanks
  5. Suspension
    Okay, here it is. My husband's birthday is next month and he's mentioned wanting Z71 springs. I've been looking for the info I need here for about an hour and a half now and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. What I need to know is about how much I'm gonna end up paying for them, if...
1-5 of 5 Results