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wire harness

  1. General
    Hello all, New to this site and to say it has been super helpful is quite an understatement. I did some work on my TB (new valves, timing chain, water pump, etc.) and had to unplug most of the wiring harness in order to get this done. I have put it back together and I am stuck on this plug (see...
  2. Audio and Electronics
    Hey all, I was looking through some of the post as well as googling trying to find a wire diagram for the radio in a 2008 Envoy (no onstar, no bose, and no steering wheel control) with no luck. I'm using a Metra 70-2003 wiring harness because I don't feel like paying 70-100$ just to hear the...
  3. Audio and Electronics
    I want to connect an after market head unit to my 05 Chevy Trailblazer LS but the wire harness I need costs 150 just because it has onstar. Is there a way to remove onstar so that I can get a cheaper wire harness.