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wiper rear window

  1. Rear wiper arm question

    OEM Issues
    2002 TB LTZ This evening my rear wiper arm broke off and I was searching the articles for replacing it with an OEM arm I will be ordering. The assembly article is for an '07, and one part says for the washer hose to "just pull it" from the plug on the tailgate. Is this true for an 02? I'm...
  2. [SOLVED] Rear wiper issue

    Recently while on a trip to Iowa, my TB developed a problem in the rear wiper. As we were driving back to where we were staying, I turned on the wiper after a monsoon hit. I noticed the wiper only going halfway, then back, then slowly getting weaker. I pulled off at a rest area and checked...
  3. Rear wiper leaking out the rear

    Hey peoples i need your help on something rear wiper fluid leaks out the rear hatch when i press the button to clean off the rear windshield. I went to the dealer and they told me it would cost $50 but im a cheapo and would like to fix it myself...does anyone know how to take off the...
  4. rear window wiper

    I have a question... anyone else ever experience the problem with their rear windshield wiper not reseating after being turned off? I can use it once, and then when I turn it off the guide below the wiper does not slide to the outside of the cradle but rather hits it dead center and rests in...