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  1. Windshield leak, driver side near visor

    Hi all. So I just discovered today that there appears to be a leak, from what I can guess is either from the door seal or the windshield on the drivers side. It appears as a wet spot in the fabric ceiling, just at the point where the fabric meets the plastic in the divider between the door and...
  2. Windshield washer not pumping

    Hello all I'm new to the forum, and doing research for a buddy of mine who has no Internet access. I've searched your forums for the answer, and while I've learned a few things, I've not found anything conclusive. My buddy's front windshield washer will intermittently not pump. He swapped it...
  3. Windshield washer fluid reverse

    I had my engine replaced because of a lower rod knock when I picked up my car I noticed that the buttons are reversed now for the windshield wiper fluid EX. push rear windshield wiper fluid button it sprayes out the front. How do I fix this, im sure its a matter of switching the tubes for the...
  4. 2006 TB Windshield Leak?

    Hey Guys on my 06 tb ls i notice when i hit about 65 70 mph and if it is raining or i have just the put the windshield wipers on liquid comes spraying at the bottom middle of the windshield right out to the dash. My windshield has never been replaced i cant possibly see anyways the water could...
  5. Up close and personal

    Up close and personal

  6. My Windshield Wipers are Possessed

    Or is it something else. Here's the deal, I have been having issues with my front wipers since I had my windshield replaced a while back. It was in December I think, Safelite did a crappy job reinstalling the rain sensor and it has never worked right since then. Here's what's going on. One day...