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  1. 05 Envoy passenger window

    Hi all! New here but have read the forum for a number of different helpful suggestions, so thank you. I am currently having an issue with my 05 Envoy SLT passenger window. First, the window would only work sometimes. Then it quit all together. I moved the driver side switch module (DDM) to the...
  2. LR Door stationary glass

    I have done a search on the site for this topic in different ways, but nothing comes up, so I thought it's time to ask...The stationary glass on my LR door moves a bit, not enough to cause air leakage, but just enough for the rubber to create this annoying constant squeak/chirp noise while...
  3. Both rear windows not working.

    Hey guys, Just looking for any quick tips as to why both rear windows on my 2003 TB are not working. (not from the driver door and not from the individual rear doors) and the lockout is off.. Both front windows operate normally from both the driver door and the passenger door. All power locks...
  4. [SOLVED] 2006 Envoy XL locks / widows / heated seats not working

    I recently changed the mode actuator because heat was not blowing out the vents. After i have done and buttoned everything up i noticed that the driver side door switches for heated seats, locks, mirror, seat memory would not work. The passenger side is the same. I press unlock/lock from the...
  5. please help!! electric window problems

    OEM Issues
    Hello everyone. I bought my 08 trailblazer lt used back in July with 94k miles. The vehicle was a fleet vehicle, then sold to some people in west Virginia and was well kept. Everything with the vehicle has been great...except the mild slowness of the front passenger window. In the summer it was...
  6. Car door Mod?

    I used to work at a bodyshop and this new VW caught my eye (when I first started, so I can't remember the model). I'm sure there are a lot of cars that do this, but I can't figure out what's it's called (maybe a custom project for my ride?) Pretty much the whole door doesn't have the metal...
  7. anyone have issues with the back window on envoys

    i have a 2004 gmc envoy xuv slt 4x4. yesterday when i went out and came back home the window was fine i went back outside less then 20 min later and it was shattered nothing hit it and no one walked down my street has anyone else had an issue with a mysterious blowout like this and the window...
  8. Quick question about my back window

    Ok so my 02 trailblazer ext ls back window busted... I finally found a trailblazer at a junk yard but it's not a ext it's just a regular trailblazer with no 3rd row seating... He has the back window but he said it wouldn't fit the ext models. My question is, is that true ??
  9. Power window regulator?

    I searched the forum and found the 'crunching' power window problem. Mine is a bit different. My passenger front window will go down everytime I push the button - no hesitation. It just doesn't go up without me trying repeatedly. I can 'hear' the power going into in the door when I press the...
  10. Strange electrical issues

    Hi all. Just purchased a certified 08 Trailblazer LT1. Love it so far, but have been noticing a few issues, and wonder if I could get some advice before making an appointment with the dealer (which is over an hour away). 1) Passenger window is slow to rise, sometimes stops completely. I'm...
  11. Rear Drivers Side Power Window Not Rolling Up

    Hello Everybody, So the glass itself feels like it slipped off the track or something to that extent. The motor is not burned out because I can hear it just fine. What is all involved in fixing this issue? Any good tutorials would be much appreciated. I just don't want to break anything...
  12. Window switches illumination passager doors

    Hello, I have a 2008 trailblazer ss 3ss with nav. I recently had the GM dealer in Columbia, IL replace the driver side widow switch cluster. The front window switches would not illuminatie. I never really noticed if the passager door or rear passager doors would illuminate as well. I called a...
  13. Annoying tailgate ajar won't quit going off on 04 gmc envoy xuv

    Yesterday while driving for no apparent reason the tailgate ajar alarm started going off, door hasnt been opened in months well since winter started. I've tried opening and closing etc., and it still continues to go off. I tried opening the roof and rolling down the rear window but now my rear...
  14. Rear vent windows not working

    I have a 2003 extended TB. A couple of months ago my driver's side rear vent window stopped working. It was cold out and I figured "I'll get to it". Now the other vent window has stopped working as well. So has anyone had these fail? How did you troubleshoot, and what was the problem?