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  1. White or gray SS rims?????? need opinions asap!!

    :undecidedI got an 02 indigo blue TB.. idk if i should go with the blue and gray theme with will lead to painting inner headlights blue and crossbar blue. OR! should i be a little diffrent and go with the BLue with white rims with the inner white headlight mod, clear blinkers, maybe 2 white...
  2. Reverse light unlit

    Reverse light unlit

  3. DSCF5460_edit


  4. Looking to buy TB SS

    Im looking to buy a trailblazer SS 2006-2007 with no more then 30,000 miles on it. Must be a non smoker and in good shape if you are selling 1 or no where i can find one message me ready to buy Color: White or Burgandy Miles: 30,000 or less