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whining noise

  1. Strange noise coming from engine fan or belt

    Over this past weekend, 11/30-12/01, a sound that to me sounds like a whirring or air rushing through a channel started coming from my engine. That weekend it rained heavily and I drove through a puddle which was deeper than I thought, I didn't hear the noise before but I did after so I'm...
  2. Whining, buzzing, squeaking (AGAIN)

    Audio and Electronics
    OK Trailvoy folks My 07 SS has the Bose nav system. I have an intermitent whining coming from the drivers side front top-of-dash speaker. If the radio is on, the volume control does not affect the noise volume. The RPM of the engine affects the pitch of the nosie. The noise starts usually...
  3. Intermittent buzzing & whining radio

    Audio and Electronics
    All I have read the posts about this, but mine does not stop if I bang the consol box nor the dash. The truck is an 07 TBSS with the boise nav system. My left front tweeter whines intermittently. Usually it is raining or humid out. It has been doing this for two years and every time I take...
  4. Tranny makes whining noise when cold and when put into drive or reverse.

    Transmission Mods
    I have a 2004 Trailblazer 155K every morning when I start it, a whining noise comes from underneath the vehicle it goes away after 2 to 4 seconds after I star the engine, I have checked the fluids and they are all ok. When I put it into drive it also makes the same whining noise as well as in...
  5. After Market A/C Compressor

    OEM Issues
    I have my 04 Envoy checked at Toyota dealer (thats where I got my used Envoy) and found out that the whining noise coming from under the hood is the A/C compressor. The thing is they are going to replace it with a NON-GM Compressor but advice me that it has the same features like the Stock...
  6. AIR Pump/Battery Question

    My 04 TB was making a strange noise when I turned the engine off; a whining or winding noise similar to a jet engine shutting down is the best I can describe it. My mechanic said the bearing in the AIR pump was bad and the pump needed to be replaced. Despite a hefty bill, replacing the pump...