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  1. General
    I decided to check my spark plugs which looked alright so i place them back, 2 days later i come to a stop my car starts vibrating, i get the code P0300 so i replace all spark plugs with news ones i go for a test drive i still have the same shaking and vibration i try changing all ignition...
  2. 02-09 Vortec 4.2L I-6 Engine and Drivetrain
    3 years ago I barely knew anything about car mechanics but everything changed after I bought my TB and started working on it myself. Anyway... I've been having a nightmare vibration while driving it each time my RPM is between 1500-2500 disregarding the speed as long as I'm not in Park ... I...
  3. General
    Hi I'm John and new to the site please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong area but I need help bad and have posted in other areas with no help please anyone that may know what I need to do please let me know thank you in advanced and GREAT site I have done/learned allot from here. I'm...
  4. The "How-To" and DIY Section
    I have a 02 Trailblazer EXT that when in idle or sometimes accelerating the middle of the hood vibrates. I'm thinking a brace or bracket of some sort would stop it from vibrating but I have no clue if a brace would work or even how to remedy the problem. Any help is appreciated.
1-4 of 4 Results