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  1. Melted exhaust valve seat?

    OEM Issues
    Last Friday, I was driving home from work when my 04 Trailblazer threw a check engine light and started misfiring, I figured I just needed to replace my spark plugs which I planned on doing over the weekend anyways. It progressively got worse as I was on my way home. Next day after work I was...
  2. valves chattering

    Engine Tunes/Mods
    Valves started chattering. What should I do? Is this common in a 4.2 6 cylinder?
  3. Burned exhaust valves

    OEM Issues
    Just wondering. The local Chevrolet dealership has seen 6 TB of years 02 - 04 with burned exhaust valves over the last several months. They claim it is sorry local 87 octane fuel and are recommending the use of 89 for this reason. The area I live in is a small rural city with two fuel...